The team at Common Ground is a vital partner in our communications strategy. Since we have a complex business with multiple and differing audiences, Common Ground is always conscientious and creative with timely, viable and effective recommendations.

- Dr. Boyd A. Bradshaw,
Vice President, Logan University


Common Ground Public Relations helps our clients get the most out of their relationships with essential audiences. We believe thorough, engaging and relevant communications can enhance consumer and employee loyalty, motivate investment, improve understanding and adoption of new technologies, and impact your bottom line.

Our relatively small size grants us the opportunity to work in an intentionally collaborative, deeply engaging way within our team and with our clients. We invest in the databases and research technology to level the playing field with “big agencies” but believe our enthusiasm and nimbleness bring far greater results.

Whether assisting with crisis communications, media relations, special events, strategic planning, employee relations or publications, we delivers meaningful results for our clients.